the famous laptop that will lead oliver queen to meet the love of his life, felicity smoak. we should all thank deadshot for doing this.


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my girl?

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The backbone of Team Arrow.


The backbone of Team Arrow.

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 Two idiots ;)


They should be together…

Anonymous said: Felicity offers to babysit Diggle and Lyla's baby, and Oliver shows up at her place alleging he wants to help her out.


This ended up kind of angsty. I think I’m incapable of writing fluff??? (Also I know I deviated from the prompt slightly. Sorry!)

* * *

He’s not sure why he ends up at Digg’s apartment. The team are taking the night off and Oliver had every intention of going home and trying to get some much needed sleep. But here he is, standing outside his friend’s building, debating whether or not to go inside.

Felicity’s smile when Diggle had asked her if she wanted to babysit is stuck on a loop in his brain. The sheer delight that spread across her face, lighting up every corner of their dark lair. He knows she’s lonely. Her time spent almost exclusively with him in dirty basements and chilly conference rooms. He catches her sometimes, glancing wistfully at a couple as they walk down the street, or a mother fussing over her child. And every time he sees that look on her face, the traces of yearning and sadness that would be unnoticeable to anyone who didn’t know her so well, it sends a jolt of sadness through his own heart, because it’s his fault she doesn’t have all of that.

He knows she doesn’t see it that way, knows she attributes her happiness to their team and their work, knows she would put their cause before anything, before herself. But he can’t help but imagine sometimes, when she looks particular tired and worn down, what her life might have ended up like if he’d never walked into her little office that first day. Because she deserves so much more than what she has now, here with them, with him. She deserves more than he’ll ever be able to give her, and it kills him. Not just because he wishes he could give her all of it, everything she ever wanted, but because he knows she doesn’t care about that. She doesn’t care if life shortchanges her, if her needs get pushed aside in favor of the city’s. She doesn’t care. Because she believes in him, and what he does far too much.

Which is why seeing her so completely happy, even for just one fleeting moment, has stuck with him the way it has.

And now here he is. Either motivated by a selfish need to see another flash of pure joy on her sweet face, or a simple desire to check on her, make sure she’s okay, alone in a strange apartment with a baby.

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my heart

"so, how was your date?"

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"80: Felicity in Leather"

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fic: What Would I Do (Without Your Smart Mouth)? (Olicity, 4/?, Teen)


OHP Prompt: College AU
Team: Queen Smoak
Words: 2,166

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Okay, last part for now… I have some plans already fo whre I might take this… let me know if you’re interested!

Felicity would love to say that she didn’t think once about Oliver Queen after that party.  But that would be a lie.  She thought of him more often than was probably wise, and often at odd and inconvenient times.  Such as when she was in the shower, or laying awake in bed or when trying to concentrate in class on Monday morning.  She reasoned with herself it was only because he was drop dead gorgeous and that it had nothing to do with the way she was already interested in what was making this man tick. 

Still, her thoughts of him were mostly abstract.  Or at least they were until he joined them for lunch on Monday afternoon.  Felicity had come right to the dining hall directly after her American Experiences class and saw that Sara had their usual table saved.  It was located next to a plate glass window overlooking the campus pond and was one of the nicest seats in the house.  They tried to command that table at each meal they ate on campus; generally every lunch a few dinners on nights where they had night classes.  

Laurel and Tommy ate with them as well, and had since last year.  A few other mutual friends drifted in and out at times but today, the extra seats were filled with with the muscled bodies of Oliver Queen and John Diggle.  The three men were joking with one another and Sara and Laurel were discussing something.  For the first time since her very first week at Northwestern Pacific University, Felicity felt awkward and out of place where she should have been feeling anything but. John was in the seat next to Sara that she would have normally sat in, leaving an open seat next to Oliver and across from Sara.  She stood back from the table, eyeing it with a little apprehension. 

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The Notebook ♦ Allie Hamilton’s wardrobe

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