Arrow 2.5 comic #2- drabble


If you haven’t read the new comics chronicling the time between the end of season 2 and the start of season 3 this may not make sense. All you really need to know is Roy got shot during a mission and Oliver dislocated his shoulder while saving him. Felicity then offered her place to Oliver to get a decent night’s sleep.  

This subsequent plot bunny was born. 


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Ohgad! That ending though.

Stephen Amell


I find it refreshing that he’s not a PC actor and says what he feels.

So if fans take a shot at the show he loves and the people he cares about than yeah he’s allowed to tell then were to go

                                   Some things never change

Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans
being adorable on the set of The Perfect Score and Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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this picture is fcking awesome!



this picture is fcking awesome!

"You think it’s cool to hate things. And it’s not. It’s boring. Talk about what you love and keep quiet about what you don’t."

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This should be a not to all fandoms

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Top Three Anticipated Ships for the 2014-2015 Season.


1. Damon & Bonnie - Five years of waiting, seeing as how Season 5 ended, Season 6 better not disappoint. They are the main reason I’ve giving TVD another try, it’s time for some new stories for that show. Return Date Oct. 2nd

2. Oliver & Felicity -

nerdyandturdy said: Olicity - 46. Nanny/single parent au


Well this is extreme, tooth rotting fluff. Complete with bath time and tickle fights. I adore kids and have some experience as a nanny myself so this focuses a lot more on the Oliver/daughter/Felicity dynamic than just the Olicity of it. Enjoy!

What’s In a Family?

“Come here, munchkin. You still have chocolate on your nose.”

“Ah! No! That tickles!”

The tinkling laughter of his little girl along with the sloshing of water and small exclamations brings a smile to Oliver’s face as he ventures further into his four-year-old daughter’s bedroom. It’s past eight o’clock and he’s just now getting home from the office. With a possible merger on the horizon, everyone at Queen Consolidated has been working overtime, including its CEO. And while this was great news for the company, Oliver has found that his time with his daughter has been extremely limited. That’s why he hired Felicity nearly six months ago.

“What tickles? This?”

More giggles and high-pitched squeals ring out from the direction of the bathroom as Oliver draws closer.

“Stop! Feliiiissy!”

“What’s that, Kate? I can’t hear you.”

He pauses in the open doorway, taking in the heartwarming sight before him. Kate is splashing around in the too-big-for-her bathtub, surrounded by a myriad of Barbie mermaid dolls that Thea bought for her birthday last week. She has the brightest smile on her face, pearly whites all on display, as she attempts to twist away from Felicity’s hold.

The older blonde makes an exaggerated reach for his daughter who laughs in delight when she successfully evades her grasp.

“Missed me!”

“I did! How did you get so fast?”

“Aunty Thea! Daddy calls her Speedy. That means she’s super fast!”

Oliver chuckles at the logic, alerting both females to his presence. Two very blonde heads whip around to look at him, bright smiles spread across both of their faces. The greeting sends his heart racing for reasons he chooses to ignore.


Kate climbs out of the bathtub almost immediately, completely disregarding her currently soaking wet and unclothed state as she charges toward Oliver. However, a fluffy pink towel encompasses the little girl before she can get to him, a playful shriek escaping her mouth.

“Oh no you don’t, you little monkey. You’re going to get Daddy’s suit all wet!”

Felicity hauls the four-year-old to her body, hugging her close as she rubs the soft cotton against her skin. Kate doesn’t mind at all, laughing and playfully squirming in her arms.

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dddaaaawwwwwwwwwwww!!! TOOO CUTE!

I’m excited for the Flash…BUT All I see is Emily and Stephen!!

I’m excited for the Flash…BUT All I see is Emily and Stephen!!